Robert Scott Williams

The important thing about songwriting for me is self-expression. It sounds corny and trite, but I just write songs because that’s what I do. I mean, they’re just in me and it makes me happy.

People always say that with creativity it is ten percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration. That’s what you’ve got to do. You’ve got to sit down every day and work, whether you get anything out of it or not. Come back the next day and do it, again.


This is the best place I play in the US. It is a magic space. The acoustic properties of the room are incredible. The culture is incredible. The history of the place, the people who have been on this stage… It’s also very moving to come here and realize the sort of collective energy of the place. It is very inspiring. Even today, when there are no people here, I love to be in this room. There is something transcendent about this space for me. It really takes me somewhere else.

A place like the Blue Door is important because it is a culture where people come to listen to what you say. There is nothing more depressing as a songwriter than playing somewhere and everyone is talking and nobody is paying attention to what you slaved to bring forth.


Greg is a person who is comfortable in his skin. I admire people who know who they are and have the fortitude and courage to stick with that no matter what. Greg has given his life to this place

Greg is different because he doesn’t care about the commercial aspect; he cares about things that are important. He cares about songs and songwriters the way that we [songwriters] care about songs.

This [the Blue Door] is Greg’s song. This is his masterpiece. He brings things here that are important to him. His whole life, his physical being is here, he lives here, his emotional being is here. His political self is wrapped up in who he is. He is a Woody Guthrie Populist. That is reflected in this place, too.


I get really excited about the Blue Door being here and people working to make it what it is. I get excited about you guys making this documentary here. All of us are coming together for the same reasons songwriters write songs—just to do something important if we can. This makes me have a great feeling about where I’m from.

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